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About Us

Leandock welding and engineering company offers services in

  • Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel.
  • Metal structures -I beams, Post, repairs
  • Fabrication and Design
  • Boat Repairs, Railings, Ladders, T-tops and more
  • Steel Structures, Metal Buildings
  • Steel Trusses
  • Earth Moving Machine Repairs
  • Installation
  • Roofing, Metal, GE Cool Roofs
  • MIG, TIG Jobs/Portable Welding

Our Vision

  • To acquire and maintain local leadership position in welding and engineering.
  • To continuously create new opportunities for growth in our strategic business.
  • To be among the solid companies to work for.

Our Mission 

  • Aggressive growth in existing and new business.
  • Attaining leadership position in our market.
  • Embedding business excellence.
  • Enhancing employee engagement through on the job training plus advanced skill development.

Our Promise 

Caring, Sharing, Growing

We will, with care for our environment and society, continue to enhance value for our customer by providing innovative products and economically efficient solutions.

Our Values

  • Inspire Confidence

We will carefully select and develop our staff to be creative and empowered to take decisions so that they respond with agility and confidence.

  • Always Stretch

We stretch ourselves to be cost effective and efficient in all aspects of our operations and focus on faultless delivery to create and provide the best to our clients.

  • Nature Innovative

By sharing our knowledge and learning from each other and from the markets we serve, we will continue to deliver to our clients with innovative solutions.

  • Excellent Quality

With Care for the environment and safety, we will always serve to please our clients.

Health Safety at work, Industrial safety, and environment Protection.

Leandock structures and engineering aims to achieve the most rational use of natural resources and to decrease the negative impact on human life and environment by means of improvement of HSE culture (health safety and environment). The company continually undertakes activities through the application of demanding HSE standards, in accordance with interaction trends and regulations being one of essential requirements in the engineering field, improved by the development of technical and technological process for resource exploitation, as well as by the growing awareness of health care and environment protection. Our aim is to achieve a sustainable HSE integration into everyday operations and company culture, being basics for application and fulfillment of legal and other commitments, as well as the fulfillment of requirements of all groups.

Leandock Structures, Engineering and its Employees  

One of our most important resource as a modern and dynamic company are its employees who contribute to the achievement of the company’s organization goals through realization of their personal and professional potential. Therefore, the skilled and top-quality personnel are the foundation that health safety education success is built upon. Continual investment into the development of competence, and skills of young talent and successors of the company on a long-term basis to have the best employees at the key positions at any time.

To provide academic services and resources which foster development of skills and attitudes necessary to increase the knowledge and academic independence of all students. Through multiple learning services, the Tutoring Center helps to contribute towards student success and growth in their academics.


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